Modern Arts and Crafts Library Set Art Projects in a Box

It would be a very lucky boy or girl who finds this art and crafts set under their tree this year. The Kids Made Modern Arts and Crafts set holds hours upon hours of creative and artistic good clean fun.

Whether it is scrapbooking, jewelry making, drawing, or even school art projects, if they can imagine if they can make it with the Kids Made Modern Arts and Crafts Library set. What a great way to get children to harness their imagination and engage in something creative.

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Detailed information about Modern Arts and Crafts Library Set Art Projects in a Box

This set gives children an alternative to sitting in front of the television or a computer screen, wasting away all of their free time. This hands-on activity set is a healthy way to stimulate their brain and stoke their imagination.

Included in this set is: over 500 sequins and beads, over 340 pipe cleaners in assorted colors and over 100 colorful pom poms, along with various colors of felt, there are wooden dowels, discs, and craft sticks, glue, scissors, needles, jewels with sticker backs, googly eyes and colorful embroidery floss, all in a handled case that conveniently holds all of these supplies for art projects on the go.


Everything a youngster needs to create their own pieces of art right at home

Easy to carry and store case allows kids to take their crafts on the road

Dozens of enjoyable and imaginative projects to create