Mixology Dice® (tumbler) // Cocktail Inspiration

For those of you who have a friend or relative who enjoys making cocktails, this is the perfect gift. “The Mixology Dice” from Two Tumbleweeds blends the art of Mixology (mixing ingredients to produce cocktails) with dice to produce a game that will liven up any party or gathering or give inspiration to anyone who enjoys making cocktails. The set includes eight separate dice, each one about 0.75” across, just slightly larger than standard dice.

Each die shows six options of the following categories: Spirit; Sugar; Liqueur; Citrus; Fruit; Herb; Spice; Bitters. Just roll the complete set of dice to give the ingredients of the next cocktail. There are over 1.5 million combinations to choose from so cocktails will never become boring again.

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Detailed information about Mixology Dice® (tumbler) // Cocktail Inspiration

Give one of these sets to an adult who is a newcomer to the art of mixing cocktails or to someone who has a long history and wants to take their mixology skills to the next level. The full set of dice not only provides inspiration for recipes but also is a clever method of teaching the art of how to mix drinks with herbs, spices, and other flavorings to produce a palatable and exciting cocktail.

The main problem with this game is that before too long the gamers will become so drunk they won't know what is going on. For this reason, there is no problem with substituting sparkling water instead of alcohol to produce a Mocktail suitable for teetotallers, children and those who have already had far too much booze. The birchwood dice cubes are laser engraved by a company in the USA with the name of each ingredient and the whole set comes packaged in a sturdy glass tumbler just right for sampling the concoctions.


Use the dice to produce many traditional and new cocktail combinations

The dice and instruction booklet give inspiration and advice on producing many different flavor combinations

This is a fun and unusual gift for those people who have everything


The user has to have many different ingredients available from