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SoundSleep Mini High Fidelity Sleep Sound Machine

The answer to all sleep disturbances is to buy a sleep sound machine that plays natural sounds like background noise. However, these can have problems working effectively when the outside sounds are variable in volume, they can then overpower the sleep sound box.

Similarly, many sleep sound boxes rely on repetitive looping of background noises, something that the brain soon recognizes as an artificial loop and learns to ignore.

The Sound & Sleep Mini High Fidelity Sleep Sound Machine from Adaptive Sound Technologies has gone a stage further than other cheaper sound and sleep boxes.

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Detailed information about SoundSleep Mini High Fidelity Sleep Sound Machine

Although it provides such a great sleeping experience, this sound box is remarkably compact and can be powered by AC current, batteries or USB.

It provides the listener with realistic natural sounds as well as white, pink and brown noise profiles.

The Adaptive Sound controls listen to the surrounding environment and respond to varying external noises by instantly adjusting the audio volume.

All these things together result in the sleeper having a remarkably good night’s rest.


Provides 48 rich and immersive background natural sounds

All sound environments are nonrepeating

Automatically adjusts the volume depending on changes in external sounds

Timer gradually reduces sounds and display lighting for a truly non-disruptive sleep experience