Mini Hand Operated Coffee Machine

The handheld Espresso maker is a great gift to give your girlfriend because not only is it useful for everyday life, the pink accent on the cup really adds a feminine touch to the sleek design.

This is the perfect gift for her! Can be also given for Christmas or as an anniversary present.

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Detailed information about Mini Hand Operated Coffee Machine

And since we are on the topic of doing nice things so your girlfriend will be happy, we seriously think you could step it up a bit more by giving them something functional and interesting that will benefit their lives on the daily.

We are talking about the portable handheld Espresso maker by Litchi.

This small yet powerful coffee maker can make up to two cups of Espresso in just a few easy steps!

First off, using the pre-measured scoop included when you purchase, put ground coffee in the two filter basket. Next, add hot water to the water tank until it is filled.


Functional and portable

Easy to use

Complete with accessories so you don’t need to buy separately