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Mickey and Minnie Disney World Vacation Gift Set

If you decide to take your kids to one of the Disney theme parks, you can be sure that they will want you to buy them the Mickey and Minnie Mouse accessories to use while they are there. Unfortunately, if you buy the accessories at the Park then you will be paying through the nose for all that Disney merchandise.

If you intend to go to a Disney theme park then you should consider purchasing the accessories and merchandise before you arrive at the park. This product from Magical Dream Pack will hopefully satisfy the kids while at the same time make sure that you have some money left in the bank for the essentials such as food and accommodation etc.

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Detailed information about Mickey and Minnie Disney World Vacation Gift Set

This box of goodies is a budget saver for which your kids will always thank you. The box contains the Official Licensed Disney Character Autograph Book that has 40 double-sided pages so he or she can collect as many autographs as they are able, there is also a sheet of Mickey and Friends stickers (you cannot choose which stickers are on the sheet, they are randomly allocated).

Next, we have a Mouse Ears Headband that has soft plush black Mickey ears fitted to a headband that will fit adults as well as kids. These are perfect to wear when the child has his or her photos taken with the characters.


This box of Disney merchandise has everything that a child (or an adult) needs before they arrive at the Disney theme park

There is a box of merchandise built around Minnie Mouse as well as Mickey Mouse so that girls can have their own stuff

If you buy this box of merchandise before you arrive at the theme park you will save money