MasterPieces – John Wayne – Wayne-opoly

There is nothing like a good board game to make the nights more fun and interesting for a family. Whether you are just enjoying an after dinner get together or a vacation out in the woods, board games are a natural boredom buster and a great way to spend quality time together. Plus, the portability of a board game really makes it the best thing to bring everywhere. Perhaps the most famous board game of all is Monopoly.

It is simple, fun and perfect for all ages. But what if you could kick it up a notch? Well, that is where the John Wayne-opoly Monopoly Board Game by MasterPieces come in.

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Detailed information about MasterPieces – John Wayne – Wayne-opoly

Who is John Wayne, you ask? Oh, he is just one of the most beloved actors of all time. With a career that spans about five decades, it is no surprise that there will be a classic board game dedicated to a classic actor. Known for his western cowboy roles, the John Wayne-opoly board game has the pieces and the board game itself set in John Wayne’s western world.

With pieces like a cowboy boot, cowboy hat, a stagecoach, and a horseshoe, this board game will definitely transport you and your family or friends to one of John Wayne’s films. Aside from that, the board game also comes with the usual contents but in John Wayne fashion – included is a game board with a collage of John Wayne cowboy photos, 12 sheriff offices, 22 property cards, 32 barrels, 2 dice, a pack of money, 16 auction block cards, 4 Wayne’s word cards, 6 collectible tokens, 2 belt buckle cards, 16 director’s notes cards, and of course, the rules on how to play.


Perfect for family vacations or weeknights

Cool concept

Lightweight and portable