Red Dead Redemption II

When you hear the words “The Wild West”, what do you think of? Do you immediately think of cowboys? Do you think of shoot-offs? Do you think of that western town with a sheriff, the outlaws, and horses? If you could sum up the Wild West in 4 words it would be described as ‘Guns, Boots, Horses, and Criminals.’ Red Dead Redemption II is a sequel to the hit 2010 game Red Dead Redemption. It is developed by the same people who created the Grand Theft Auto series.  Red Dead Redemption II is for Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, PS4 and will be out Spring 2018.

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Detailed information about Red Dead Redemption II

In the first Red Dead Redemption game, you took on the role of a former outlaw named John Marston. You would then be playing in third-person in an open-world, western environment exploring the Wild West creating your own adventure. In Red Dead Redemption II, the game is technically considered a 'prequel'. Reason for this is that the game takes place in the events before Red Dead Redemption. The gameplay is still the same, but in this version, you take on the story of Arthur Morgan who is a famous outlaw. You can then explore the world within the stories limits choosing how you interact with the surroundings, living your own adventure, and living like a cowboy. Another great thing about this 'prequel' is that it comes with a remastered multiplayer gameplay as well as a brand new take on the open-world environment first created in the first game.