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Malden – 8 Opening Picture Frame

If you or someone you know enjoys displaying family photographs in unusual or stylish arrangements, then consider buying one of these handy picture frames before you look at anything else. The Malden 8 opening picture frame is a clever yet simple idea and is also one that will hold up to eight different photos in one collage picture frame.

Buy one of these and give it to your spouse, parents or children. Literally, anyone can use it to keep personal mementos safe and free from harm while allowing them to be displayed for all to see.

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Detailed information about Malden – 8 Opening Picture Frame

Included in the collage are the following openings: 1 x matted 5”x 7”; 2 x 4”x4”; 6 x 4”x6”.  Using one of these eight opening picture frames will give your home or office a really classic look. Each opening has a clear glass cover. Open the back and you will find that in each picture compartment there is a piece of foam packing to keep the picture in place.


The collage picture frame holds eight pictures of different standard sizes

Each individual picture opening has a foam insert to prevent photo slippage

Photos are easily removed and replaced by using the simple turn button fasteners