Madelaine Premium Milk Chocolate Basketball Party Favors

Most people like and enjoy chocolate and arguably some of the best chocolate is made to the Swiss recipe. This product made by Madelaine Chocolate Company, a US-based company contains good and wholesome Swiss milk chocolate made from the finest beans and with fresh whole milk.

The solid milk chocolate is individually wrapped in foil to resemble real basketballs. In this bag, there is 1lb (approximately 80 balls) of individually wrapped milk chocolate but if you wish there is also an option to choose from four mesh bags each holding four balls or a 5lb version containing about 400 balls.

Whichever option you choose you can be sure that the chocolate you order will be the same good quality milk chocolate that is found in any of these three choices.

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Detailed information about Madelaine Premium Milk Chocolate Basketball Party Favors

These milk chocolate basketballs are ideal for filling party gifts, flavors, candy jars, baskets for Easter gifts, basketball enthusiasts and maybe just lovers of chocolate. Just think about the next basketball game that comes on television; you can invite friends around for the game and serve these little basketballs along with the popcorn and beer. Can you think of anything better?

The Madelaine Chocolate Company are a quality confectionary company that has been trading since 1949 and supplying exceptional chocolate to millions of American families since then.


These are quality Swiss formula milk chocolate made by the same company since 1949

Good flavor and quality chocolate wrapped in novelty Italian foils

Comes in three different sized containers so you can choose which is best for your purpose