Mosiso Keyboard Cover with Pattern

As people strive to protect surfaces by covering with wear-resistant materials, there is the need to dive deeper into the electronics. The thing about electronics is that they are expensive and a little mishap can cost you a considerable amount for repairs. That is the phones, laptops, tablets, etc.

Laptop keyboards tend to pile up dust and are pretty hard to clean to the core. For Mac Books though, there are not many protective items such as screen covers and keyboard protectors. But, finally, this silicone cover from Mosiso is designed to protect the keyboard and can be an excellent gift for someone that owns a Mac Book.

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Detailed information about Mosiso Keyboard Cover with Pattern

The high-grade silicone cover provides full protection for the keyboard from edge to edge. With this, the keyboard is free from duct, contaminant and is safe from spills that may occur when using the keyboard. The non-toxic silicone is ultrathin, about 0.3 mm which ensures it fits slim and does not affect the screen area. It can be removed, washed and reused on the same keyboard.