LuxFit Exercise Ball Chair Fully Reviewed

Going to the gym and jogging in the morning is not the only way to keep fit. A good sitting position contributes to your well-being, a healthy back, and spine, and generically a good posture. Most people spend lots of time sitting in an office or working at home. Sometimes, it might be a challenge, and as a result, one may end putting unnecessary strain on their shoulders and back leaving them sore with body aches.

If you know someone who spends most of their time on a desk in the office or studying at home, then they will certainly find this ball chair from LuxFit incredibly enjoyable. Give it to your employee as an appreciation gift, and it will go a long way in making their stay in the office a better one. It’s well designed to suit an office set up and comfortably engages the core muscles.

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Detailed information about LuxFit Exercise Ball Chair Fully Reviewed

Fitness fans have for a long time used balance balls, otherwise referred to as exercise balls in their exercise regime. The stability balls greatly help in strengthening back and abdominal muscles. But the balance ball without a chair is compatible with a normal office chair.

It is measured to perfection for a standard ergonomic working station. The height of the chair measures approximately 22-25 inches dependant on the inflation degree on the ball. It is big enough to accommodate most body frames and can take a weight capacity of 300 pounds.


An exercise chair that doubles up as a working station and a work out equipment

Helps with the correct sitting posture to prevent back and spine problems

Designed to fit office desks

A quality and thick exercise ball which can also be used independently