Lego Belle Enchanted Castle For Kids Aged 6 & Up

For over 70 years, one company has been providing kids with endless hours of imagination, creativity, and fun. That company is Lego. Lego has been giving kids endless options of things they get to build. Through Lego, kids are able to build there most favorite scenes such as stories from their favorite superheroes, favorite movie, tv show, and now even their favorite Disney Princess. If you daughter loves Disney and adores Belle, if she is into playing with dolls and creating stories while using her imagination, then we here at That Sweet Gift have just the thing for you! We present to you the Lego Belle Enchanted Castle!


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Detailed information about Lego Belle Enchanted Castle For Kids Aged 6 & Up

Legos are fun-filled little plastic bricks that can bring creativity, imagination, and stories to life. This particular Lego set, the Bell Enchanted Castle is something truly magical. Let’s just say that it is big enough to be a dollhouse - THAT YOUR CHILD GETS TO BUILD! Once built, the castle will feature 2 floors. The first floor will have an area for dancing with a chandelier, a ‘glass’ window, book area, a room with a table and kitchen as well as a trolley cart for Mrs. Potts with Chip. The Lego figures included with this set are Belle, a transforming Beast/Prince, Lumiere, Cogs Worth, Mrs. Potts, Chip, Babette, Wardrobe, and lastly, Stove. In total, some extra accessory elements that you receive are an enchanted mirror, booklet, cakes, kitchen utensils and a wig for the Prince. The second floor of the castle has a bedroom with bed, lamp, and a balcony that has the famous enchanted rose. It is over 9’’ high, 6’’ wide, and 3’’ deep.