Lampables Animal Kingdom Collection (Orcat) – Table Desk Lamp

There are two types of people in the world – cat and dog lovers. There is a group of people who like or do not like both, but they are the minority. Back to both animal lovers – these lovely people tend to treat their pets like their own children.

Not only do they care deeply about the quality of life their little four legged baby has, but these dog and cat parents are also sporting pet themed shirts and decorating their house with pillows with their pet’s face on it and all that good stuff because why not?

Without further ado, we present to you the coolest lamp you will ever own – the Orcat Desk Table lamp from Lampable’s Animal Kingdom collection.

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Detailed information about Lampables Animal Kingdom Collection (Orcat) – Table Desk Lamp

This unique desk lamp features a cute and funny design of an Orca and cat hybrid leaping into the air (or breaching, as it is more commonly called if we are being scientific) while the lovely sun sets behind and leaves a beautiful gradient. This statement lamp is the perfect accessory to any home or office and can be assembled in just minutes.

The kit includes all the essentials you need: a patented 3-prong plastic adapter, a 2 piece metal lamp base, the printed lamp shade and instructions to help you with the hassle-free assembly. These high quality lamps stand around 20 inches tall and 7 inches wide.


Interchangeable shades

Easy assembly

Funny, high-resolution design that is relatable