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Lammes Candies Milk Chocolate Longhorns

Nothing goes together quite as well as milk chocolate and nuts, and when the manufacturer adds caramel to the mix then it probably cannot be beaten for delicious flavor, texture, and sweetness.

The Milk Chocolate Longhorns from Lammes Candy delivers those things that make milk chocolate something special. The candy consists of Texas Pecan nuts drenched in smooth buttery caramel and then finally covered in a thick coating of milk chocolate. The finished product is a delicious mix of creamy, nutty and sweet, just the thing for a sweet treat now and again.

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Detailed information about Lammes Candies Milk Chocolate Longhorns

Lammes is a well-known chocolate candy manufacturer working out of Austin, Texas but with mail order, their products are available all over the US. This particular box contains 12oz of pecan, caramel, and milk chocolate, however, for those who prefer something else there are variations such as different sized boxes and using dark chocolate rather than milk. What isn’t there to like about this product.



The Lammes milk chocolate Longhorns, combine the experience of eating pecans, caramel and milk chocolate

There are different sized boxes for the person who prefers a smaller or a larger box

The supplier produces a version using dark chocolate in place of milk chocolate

Perfect for the adult chocolate lover who appreciates the combination of flavors and textures


The product does contain some artificial preservatives and flavorings