LA JOLIE MUSE Cupcake Stand – Ceramic Dessert Plate

It is always a treat (pun intended) when we know someone who loves to bake. Whether they are a pro at making sweet and savory confections or learning to, we are usually more than welcome to test their latest creations. But aside from taste testing these lovely desserts, our passionate cooks may also want to try their hand in plating – and this is why this Ceramic Cupcake Stand Dessert Plate is a must-have!

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Detailed information about LA JOLIE MUSE Cupcake Stand – Ceramic Dessert Plate

The ceramic dessert stand is perfect for any kind of dessert, like cookies, cupcakes, macarons, small cakes, fruit and other delicacies you can think of. This handcrafted dessert plate measures at 6.6 inches in length and width and has a height of 3.1 inches, which makes it excellent in housing your baker’s treats. The sublime animal design gives it an air of sophistication and proves to be the ultimate centerpiece on your table for a special occasion like a wedding party or birthdays, or if you are just feeling fancy.

Give this gift of culinary quirkiness to your future baker or professional pastry chef on their birthdays, for Christmas or any time you feel like and we have no doubt in our minds that this ceramic dessert stand will be the most used item in their dining room. This is the perfect gift for moms, grandparents, culinary students and more.


Luxurious and sophisticated

Perfect for parties


Safe for food