L.A. Girl Beauty Brick Eyeshadow Palette

The L.A. girl beauty brick eyeshadow palette is a special gift for a special loved one. It might be for a girlfriend, coworker or a family member. This gift will provide them with new makeup opportunities and a lot of looks to turn. The gorgeous palette of nude tones will make the ideal gift for any kind of occasion. It can be given for a birthday, graduation, promotion – it really does not matter. This beautiful selection of eyeshadow gives the user a glorious contemporary range of tones and allows them to create stunning looks. Whether trying out for the popular smoky eye or something subtle for a night out – this lovely eyeshadow palette is made to meet any kind of makeup need.

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Detailed information about L.A. Girl Beauty Brick Eyeshadow Palette

Each of the collections comes in a glossy book, it is completed with an applicator brush with two ends, and a  mirror too. All of the shades in it are coordinated so that the user can easily reach and pick one for contouring their look. The eyeshadow palette offers a variety of bright colors and tones of nudes, matters, and shimmers. This allows the user to go for a simple and eased makeup process for a better applying. The colors look great on the majority of skin tones. Among the aforementioned things, the palette includes dimensional shimmers, smooth mattes and major pigments - all contained in a magnetic case.