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Kosmos Q The Pit Master – Gift Set

Many people enjoy barbeque cooking, but don’t really know what kinds of herbs and spices to use for superb barbequed meats. If you know someone who loves to barbeque why not buy them this gift basket to help liven up their cooking.

The Kosmos Q, The Pit Master Gift Basket from Kosmos Q is the barbeque spice pack to surpass all barbeque spice packs. It contains twelve different spices and sauces for the chef to add to their cooking meat. These spices are perfect for using on Ribs, Brisket, Steaks, Burgers, Bratwurst, Chicken, Pulled Pork, Meatloaf and even on Grilled Vegetables.

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Detailed information about Kosmos Q The Pit Master – Gift Set

Barbeques have been a standard way of home cooking for many years, especially in the USA where a whole subculture has grown up around the cooking style. The tradition has now spread so that a barbeque is a standard way to entertain family and friends in just about every country in the world. The sauces and spices supplied in the gift basket are the championship Kosmos Q’s rubs and sauces that made their name as a speciality Barbeque products supplier. The basket contains: Honey BBQ Sauce; Competition Sauce; Killer Bee (Honey Rub); Dirty Bird Rub; Cow Cover Rub; Killer Bee Chipotle Rub; Texas Beef Rub; Bird Rub (Hot).

All that is required is to use the rubs and sauces as directed on their containers to produce a really quality flavored barbequed meat. No longer will all the meats taste the same (burnt on the outside and raw in the middle), now the chef might actually take some time and care with their barbeque cooking and prepare the meat feast as it is meant to be.


This barbeque gift contains many and varied barbeque meat sauces and rubs

Great set to gift to anyone who loves to host parties and dinners