Knock Knock Personal Library Kit

One thing bibliophile’s love more than reading is sharing their favorite books with others! But that comes with a price. Sometimes books don’t get returned and can ultimately remain lost forever. Fortunately, Knock Knock has come up with an ingenious solution! The Knock Knock Personal Library Kit.

The kit features 20 self-adhesive pockets which can be stuck on the inside of a book, 20 checkout cards, a date stamp, inkpad, and pencil. When someone lends out a book to a friend they stamp the return date on the pocket located inside the book. This way the borrower knows exactly when they should give the book back, but this doesn’t mean they can’t ask for an extension. The checkout cards are for the lender. They fill out information such as the name of the book, who they’ve lent it to and when it should be returned. This way the lender won’t forget about giving the book back to its respectful owner.

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Detailed information about Knock Knock Personal Library Kit

The stamp features four rows of turnable stamps. They contain the month, the year and single digits to place the date. They’re easy to move and appear clearly when stamped onto paper. The ink comes in black and will stay usable for a long period of time if covered properly. To get an adequate amount of ink the stamp must be pressed firmly into the ink pad and again, firmly on the paper. People love doing this!

It’s a fun solution for sharing books and it recalls the way old-fashioned library books were circulated. The best part is, it’s a great gift for all ages! Children love the hands-on aspect. But also teaches them responsibility and the idea of sharing. Often times, it’s hard for kids to share their favorite things but with this Personal Library Kit, they’ll be handing out their books to everyone responsibly! Adults also like that it helps them keep track of their precious books while making it easier for the borrower to be accountable.