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iPlay iLearn Golf Toy Set

The Golf Toy Set from iPlay is an ideal early learning toy combining education and exercise, all in one game. It is suitable for children and toddlers from age 3 all the way up to age 12.

The club is adjustable in length so it can be extended as the kid gets older and the club head is changeable between a ‘wood’ and an ‘iron’ (both are made from plastic) so they will gain experience with both these basic types of club head.

The fun part of the golf toy is the ball delivery system. It consists of a foot pedal which when depressed will allow one ball at a time to be placed onto the tee ready for hitting!

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Detailed information about iPlay iLearn Golf Toy Set

There are a total of 15 balls to use and when the time comes to pack everything away, the balls go inside the body of the base unit. The delivery unit is really easy to assemble and the package contains full instructions so there is no excuse for anyone getting it wrong.


Suitable for all children’s age groups

Educational sports toy

Helps to develop the kid’s concentration, balance, coordination and self-confidence