Indo Board – Original Balance Board for Fun and Challenging Fitness

Imagine working out, really working out, and having fun at the same time. The Indo balance trainer is the original balance board used by athletes for years and now it is available for use at home. This piece of exercise equipment is simplicity itself, but the results are astonishing. It consists of a birch deck or platform that sits on top of a cylinder and all that is required for a great workout is to climb on and balance.

Sounds easy, but it definitely isn’t. This piece of equipment forces the user to focus on specific muscle groups in order to obtain and maintain perfect balance.

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Detailed information about Indo Board – Original Balance Board for Fun and Challenging Fitness

This balance platform from Indo measures 30 inches long by 18 inches wide and is constructed of beautiful birch that is of cabinet quality. The top of the deck is finished with a non-slip coating that prevents accidental falls.

In addition, this item can be useful as a tool for use in physical therapy. The balance board helps the user to improve balance and strength, as well as allowing for a focused workout aimed at strengthening a specific muscle group or area of the body.

The trainer has been employed by sports masters of all types, from surfers and skiers to Olympic champions!


This original balance trainer has a 30 x 18-inch platform that has a non-slip finish for safety and traction

Made from clear birch that is of cabinet grade, beautiful and resilient

Can be used to strengthen upper and lower body muscles