Breeds That Don’t Shed: A List of Hypoallergenic Dogs!

If you or someone else in your family is allergic to dogs but your family is ready for a pet, consider these fantastic hypoallergenic dogs & dog breeds.

Living with allergies is difficult, especially if you’re someone who has always wanted a dog in your like. The idea of getting a dog might seem like too much to handle, however, there are plenty of breeds that won’t affect your allergies.

Our Favorite Hypoallergenic Dogs:

1. Affenpinscher

Affenpinscher hypoallergenic dogs

Aside from being incredibly adorable, these dogs are known for their hypoallergenic properties. Although it is impossible to find a dog that doesn’t shed at all, this breed is known for shedding very little. You’ll also find that this characteristic is beneficial for pet parents that don’t have a lot of time for grooming.

Affenpinschers have short wiry coats and occasionally need to be brushed to remove their dead hairs. Compared to shepherds and huskies, they are far less hairy and easier on people with allergies.

2. Basenji


There are very few dog breeds that are as beautiful as a Basenji. One of the things that you’ll love about them the most, aside from their playful nature, is that they have a self-cleaning coat.

This is the main thing that makes them ideal as a hypoallergenic pet, as they typically groom themselves. Aside from the self-grooming trait, their hair is also particularly short and is very unlikely to shed, especially when compared to other breeds.

As they have short hair, they are also less likely to bring dander into your home.

3. Bichon Frise

Bichon Frise

At first glance, you might be thinking that there’s no way a Bichon Frise is a hypoallergenic dog. However, you’d be quite surprised, as their coats work wonders when it comes to allergies.

Bichon Frise breeds have incredibly tightly curled hairs, which traps allergens, such as dander, and keeps them out of the air. With that said, you won’t have to deal with your allergies on a daily basis, but on grooming day, it is likely your allergies will act up.

You could always take them to a professional groomer so that you aren’t exposed to anything that would suppress your respiratory system.

4. Hairless Chinese Crested

Hairless Chinese Crested

If you’ve done even a small amount of research into hypoallergenic dogs, you’ve likely come across Hairless Chinese Crested dogs. They are highly recommended for pet parents with even the harshest allergies, simply because they have relatively no hair.

This means there’s no way for dander or pollen to get trapped in their hair and brought into your home. We also love the idea of this breed as they are incredibly easy to groom and maintain. This is especially if you constantly maintain the length of the hair around their head and paws.

They’re also an incredibly interesting breed that will surely strike up a conversation at the dog park.

5. Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire Terrier

If you’ve always been a fan of smaller dogs and are looking for a pocket-sized companion, Yorkshire Terriers are a fantastic choice. They are adorable, very playful, and will give you a sense of partnership without having to deal with your allergies.

The main thing that makes these dogs fantastic for allergy sufferers is the type of hair they have. Compared to other dog breeds, Yorkshires have hair that is quite similar to human hair both in appearance and composition.

This means your allergies will be far less likely to get aggravated as a result of shedding.

6. Brussels Griffon

Brussels Griffon

As another fantastic dog breed that is known for their playful nature, a Brussels Griffon is a great choice to have for allergy sufferers. This is because although they seemingly have a puffy coat, they are less likely to shed than other breeds.

These dogs also make great watchdogs when trained and will bond mainly with one person in your household. They’re adorable, barely shed, and require very little grooming, which also makes them a great pet for families.

7. Portuguese Water Dog

Portuguese Water Dog

If you’re someone who has been on the hunt for a larger dog that is ideal for people with allergies, a Portuguese Water Dog is a fantastic option. They are very energetic and perfectly loyal to every member of your family.

However, they do require regular grooming as most other dogs do. The most notable feature of this breed is that their coats are fiercely curly, which prevents it from shedding. Although they still need to be groomed they are less likely to shed a hair on a daily basis.

8. Poodle


Poodles are easily one of the most popular breeds in the world and they come in different shapes and sizes. No matter if you opt for a miniature poodle or a standard sized one, they are all equally hypoallergenic.

Similar to many of the other breeds on this list, as their coats are curly, they are unlikely to shed hair as quickly as others. Poodles likely require the most grooming out of the other dogs on this list. However, these breed is exceptionally easy to train, especially as they are intelligent and responsive.

You will also appreciate the fact that poodles are far less likely to be affected by unappealing odors than other dogs.

9. Kerry Blue Terriers

Kerry Blue Terriers

Also known as the Irish Blue, Kerry Blue Terriers are a fantastic pet for owners with larger properties and farms. They love doing on walks and being assigned daily tasks such as hunting pests, herding farm animals, and guarding the household.

For allergy sufferers, you’ll love the type of hair they have, as it is very similar to fine human hair. An interesting feature is they are born with black hair that slowly turns blue by the time they are 2 years old.

Their coats are easy to maintain and rarely shed, making them ideal for allergy sufferers.

The Right Hypoallergenic Dogs & Breeds for You!

When searching for the perfect hypoallergenic dogs, you’ll need to make sure you find breeds with human-like hair or hair that rarely sheds.

With the right grooming and maintenance routine for your dog, you’ll finally be able to own a furry companion without the worry of suppressing your respiratory system.

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