5 Easy Tricks to Teach Your Dog In No Time!

They say a dog is man’s best friend. Millions of dog owners worldwide would probably agree from their own personal experiences with dogs. Apart from the fact that dogs help keep man company (when alone or within a family), they provide man a sense of security and return the love that is given to them in many different forms, one huge factor that makes dogs so loved is the opportunity dogs provide their owners to teach them new tricks!

Read on to learn about a few easy tricks you can teach your dog with a bit of training and practice. These basic tricks may help you build a strong bond with your dog, not to mention, these stands as a great opportunity to impress family and friends!

Remember, in order to keep your dog’s brain running strong, nothing is better than teaching them a new trick and making sure they practice the new things they learn as much as possible. Training these friendly buddies can help them remain mentally active, obedient and delighted. After all, nobody wants a grumpy and gloomy pet by their side.

Please note, it’s always a good idea to consult with a veterinarian or with a basic training guide.

1. Taking a bow

dog taking bow

This trick is quite an easy one to get your dog to do. Dogs naturally tend to “bow” at times, especially when they are stretching or reaching for something. In order to turn this simple act of “bowing” into a trick, make sure to say out loud, “take a bow” or any other words of your choice along this line whenever you see your dog doing this, then reward them with a preferred treat. If you keep repeating this, after a while, your dog should be able to take a proper “bow” on request. Of course you wouldn’t want to miss out on your dog bowing to show your guests some respect when needed.

2. High five

We all love high fiving our mates or someone we are conversing with when we have our moments of agreement. It sure would be cool to get your dog to give you a high five every time you say, “gimme five”! Except, you wouldn’t be high fiving with a hand, it would be a cute dog paw!

dog high five

Ok, it might feel awkward at first but it can look pretty cool when your family or friends are over! This trick is especially for those who have dogs that constantly tend the paw towards you, try to redirect bad manners in your dogs to tricks that can help tighten the bond between you and your dog. What better way than high fiving here and there.

3. Roll over and belly up

dog roll over

Rolling over is considered as the first trick that most dogs are taught by their owners, one that many dogs take on naturally. Dogs love to be tickled or petted on their bellies so once your dog rolls over, you want to make them feel loved by petting them on the belly or on their heads (try to figure out what your dog prefers). Once they roll over, teach them to hold the position a bit longer and it can become a trick. The longer your dog can hold this position, the longer they can “play dead”. Don’t forget to give your dog a bigger treat each time they can hold the position for a longer time than the last!

4. Shake hands

dog shake hands

You might want this trick for every time someone comes over your place or is leaving. After all, who wouldn’t want a friendly dog to greet guests? Just place your dog’s paw over your paw and tell them it’s the “shake”. Get them to do the “shake” with guests as frequently as possible to get them into the habit. You want to be gentle with your dog as you teach them how to place the paw on a person’s hand for a friendly shake, being too rough may cause your dog to think you’re punishing them, which really isn’t the case! Once your furry friend can do a proper shake, they’re bound to move on to more complicated moves, which will of course lead to even more tricks!

5. Come when called

One of the most essential parts of having a dog in the house is getting the dog to come to you whenever you call them. How you call your dog or what you call your dog can be considered a trick or it can just be held as the norm, depending on how you want to present it. Now, your dog would have to know their name first and of course recognize your voice. This happens over time. Once your dog is comfortable with you and knows you (this recognition is attached to your smell), you can try different names that sound good to you.

dog come when called

Try mixing up what you call your dog with something of a different command, maybe something sassy or interesting! Make it unique and catchy. Once your dog starts coming to you at your call, you can always use the opportunity to get your dog to do any further tasks for you, which can be put under the trick label.

Keep in Mind

Keep in mind that not all dogs are the same. You want to work with your dog and not against them. Try playing with mobile items such as balls, bones and other throw able items while trying to teach them tricks; perhaps the more flexible the item, the better. You definitely don’t want to use fragile items that can break as dogs can get out of hand when they get excited. Dogs like to remain active so one of the key areas you want to focus on is how active you can keep your dog while trying out new things. As your dog gets older, they may get slower in pace but they still have an active brain that requires time and effort for healthy well-being. Appreciate your time with your dog by making the most of it.

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