Teacher Pranks That Won’t Get You Suspended (Or in Jail!)

Playing a prank on a teacher can be a great way to take a break from boring and repetitive classes. There are dozens of things that you can do to get a laugh out of even the sternest teachers, but it’s important that you consider whether they’ll be a good sport or not.

We’ve compiled a list of the best pranks to pull on someone that shouldn’t get you suspended (or thrown in jail), but it’s always best to side with caution. If you find your teacher is having a really bad week or if they’re not the laughing type, it’s best to save these pranks for another time or person.

1. Balloon Classroom

Pranks on Teachers

Balloons are fun, hilarious, and safe to have around. Unless someone in your class has a latex allergy, it’s a great way to make your teacher gasp when they open their door. The main purpose behind the balloon classroom is like its name describes, to make sure that you fill the entire room with balloons. You can easily find balloons from the dollar store or party supply stores, depending on the size of your class and your budget.

There’s no need to worry about having the balloons filled with helium, as you can just stack them on top of one another on the ground. All you’ll need is a pair of great lungs and a few hours to pull the whole prank together. We suggest that you plan the setup for after school hours and recruit another teacher to help. This way you’ll know you’re allowed to be in the classroom after your main teacher has left for the day.

The look on your teacher’s face will be absolutely priceless, so be sure to bring a camera!

2. Aluminum Foil Classroom

As another great prank that should cost relatively next to nothing and should only take a few hours to pull off, you can cover every surface in the classroom with aluminum foil. You can typically find it at a grocery store or the dollar store, depending on where you look.

Make sure that you set aside a couple of hours for the prank as you’ll want to make sure that you don’t leave any surfaces untouched. You can cover the teacher’s desk, all of the chairs, the chalkboard, and even the front door. Again, you’ll probably need a sufficient amount of time after school to pull this off, so recruiting another teacher is most likely the best idea.

The greatest part about the aluminum foil classroom is that it shouldn’t take too long to clean up and depending on how thorough you are, it may take less time to clean than balloons.

3. Passing Pleasant Notes

Pranks on Teachers

Have you ever tried to pass a note to a friend in class only to have the teacher intercept it and read it out loud to everyone? Well, why not give the teacher a taste of their own medicine and start making positive and pleasant notes to pass around the class. You can write things such as, “Isn’t Mr./Mrs. _____ such a great teacher?” or “Isn’t learning such a wonderful thing to do?”

You can rest assured that if your teacher gets their hand on the note, they’ll surely be confused.

4. Birthday Prank

Who doesn’t love the idea of celebrating birthdays? Well, probably the person who’s birthday it isn’t. The birthday prank is a harmless charade that you can pull on your teacher during class. It will either embarrass them to the point of laughter or bring them sheer joy and amusement.

birthday prank

There really isn’t a wrong way to pull the birthday prank, all you have to do is plan a party for your teacher even though it won’t be their birthday. You can blow up balloons, get them a small gift, put on birthday hats, and even sing to them.

It’s incredibly harmless and it’s a great way to have your whole class involved in a prank that’ll be remembered for years to come.

5. Dead Class Prank

Pranks on Teachers

Imagine the look on your teacher’s face when the entire class falls to the ground and pretends they’re dead. This is a prank where everyone will have to be involved, as you’ll want it to look as realistic as possible. The more real it is, the more confused your teacher will be and their face will be absolutely priceless!

You’re going to need to do a little bit of planning, so the best way to start the dead class prank is to choose a set time when everyone will fall to the ground. It doesn’t matter if it’s in the middle of a test or in the middle of a lecture. The more random your teacher thinks it is, the better it’s going to be.

The best part is that since everyone is involved, you won’t have to worry about being singled out for detention or suspension. It’s far more likely they’ll stand there utterly confused not knowing what to do!

6. “Picture-ing” the Classroom

Does your teacher have a favorite actor or singer? Perhaps they’ve talked about a certain movie character that they used to be scared of as a child. Why not take a few moments to find all of the pictures online of that specific person and print out about 50-100 copies (depending on your budget and ink levels). All you have to do after that is post them around the classroom, you can even cover your teacher’s entire desk with the pictures.

It’s a great way to show your teacher that your class can have fun and that you listen to what they have to say. It shouldn’t take you long to get all of the pictures put up and it’s not an expensive prank. Plus, it’ll only take a few minutes to clean once you’ve surprised your teacher.

Pulling pranks is a delicate sport because you’ll want to make sure you don’t overstep and offend anyone. With this great list of hilarious and harmless pranks that you can safely do at school, you’ll be able to make at least one day out of the year more memorable than others.

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