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Hawaiian Car Seat Cover with Separated Headrest

Most cool guys love to have a car, truck or camper van that they can customize. If the guy is a surfer then the décor has to be a certain style to show off his lifestyle, if he is an outdoorsman then the décor will need to be a different style. That is why you can’t buy just any seat covers!

These seat covers we found are the ideal accessory to keep the truck or van looking cool and in keeping with itself!

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Detailed information about Hawaiian Car Seat Cover with Separated Headrest

It is a Hawaiian tribal image of a Large Gray Turtle made from 100% microfiber polyester quilted fabric. The covers are held onto the seats by means of the elasticated black stretch nylon backing and elasticated straps that go around the backrest and under the seat. They don’t need hooks to fit them they use strap loops instead. The covers also have a separate headrest cover to match the ongoing Hawaiian theme.

The seat cover body measures 22” wide x 46” long without the headrest, while the headrest cover measures 12” x 10” There are two seat covers in the set suitable to fit onto the front bucket seats of just about any vehicle.


Original  Hawaiian themed seat covers to make the car look cool

Comes with headrest pieces

Made from 100% microfiber polyester quilted fabric