Harry Potter Gringotts Checkers Set

Those who have watched the Harry Potter movies or read the books are familiar with the great Gringotts wizarding bank owned by goblins and was the only bank in the wizarding world.

It didn’t just store money and valuables for the witches and wizards of Hogwarts, but one could also go there and exchange muggle money and get wizarding money. The bank and Hogwarts School were the only safe places in the witchcraft and wizarding world.

Seeing that it was a big deal in Harry Potter story, we believe fans of these movies and books would be curious to enter the wizarding bank and discover the hidden riches vaults and treasures.

So how about you make this possible even with something as simple as this set of Harry Potter Gringotts Checkers?

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Detailed information about Harry Potter Gringotts Checkers Set

With this set, the fan in your life can now join Harry Potter and friends. They can explore the wizarding world of witches and wizards and transact in Gringotts goblins bank.

Well, even the most hardworking goblin, will need to have a break now and then and so, wouldn’t be fun to join the Gringotts bank staff when they are not guarding the valuables and enjoy a relaxing game of checkers?

This is a well-crafted game set sure to make game nights a whole lot more fun than ever before and perhaps make the player the richest in the game.

The set, which is an officially licensed game merchandise by Warner Brothers, will make an excellent collectible for a Harry Potter fan.

It's a full set of checkers which includes a game board, 15pieces of silver checkers, 15 gold checkers, a silver pouch and a gold pouch.

The game board is quite attractive featuring a full-color artwork, and any Harry Potter fan will feel honored to own this beautifully designed ornate checkers set.


A unique checkers set inspired by Harry Potter's Gringotts Bank

Uses Gringotts coins as the game pieces

An officially licensed game by Warner Brothers