Happy 60th Bday Flask Gift Set

A 60th birthday is something special, not only for the person whose birthday it is but also for that person’s friends and relatives. It is a celebration of the person’s life and the love that his or her friends and family have for them. The way for the family to buy something special for this ‘difficult to buy’ 60th birthday is to concentrate on something that shows their love for this wonderful person that brought them into the world and has loved and cared for them all their lives.

The birthday boy or girl is correct, they don’t want anything material to celebrate their special birthday, but what would be lovely to get for the special person is a commemorative item that embodies the family’s love and adoration for the senior family member. This flask gift set from Palm City Products ticks all the boxes the family could desire.

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Detailed information about Happy 60th Bday Flask Gift Set

The flask comes with two stainless steel shot glasses so the gift recipient and their spouse can both have a wee dram when it is cold outside. It also comes with a stainless steel funnel so that the flask can be refilled safely when it runs dry. The flask holds 10 fl oz of their favorite beverage and is flat enough to slip discretely inside a hip pocket so that no one will know it is there.

This container is made from a specially formulated food-grade stainless steel designed so that the metal will not rust, corrode or otherwise taint the flavor of the liquor.


Made from stainless steel to prevent rust or tainted flavor

Holds 10 fl oz of beverage

Beautifully engraved with a sentimental birthday message