Handpresso Wild Hybrid Outdoor Set

Finding decent coffee while out and about in the great outdoors is always a problem that until now has always been a difficult state of affairs to overcome. It is almost impossible to make a good cup of coffee without having a source of heat to boil up the water and having complicated equipment to steep and drain the coffee grounds. This clever little set, however, is a great gift for the person who likes good coffee but wants it to be simple to make and even easier to carry the equipment.

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Detailed information about Handpresso Wild Hybrid Outdoor Set

The “Handpresso Wild Hybrid Outdoor Set” from Handpresso is a useful piece of kit, suitable for making a good cup of espresso while in the car or on a hike.

Just as an aside here, reviews have found that the water stays hot enough to make a good brew in the first two hours, after that, the water is too cool to extract the full flavor. Inside the case, there is a compact Handpresso unit which the user has to pump up to the required pressure by hand (think, bicycle tyre hand operated pump). Insert the ground coffee into the attached serving cup, add the hot water to theHandpresso and press the button.


Contains all the tools needed to prepare a great cup of espresso when away from civilisation

Just right to give to a couple who are off on a road trip vacation or a hiking trip into the wilderness


The hot water flask will only keep water hot enough to make a cup of coffee if used within the first two hours