Handpresso Outdoor Set

For an avid coffee drinker, a cup in the morning is not enough. This bunch loves coffee so much and would do anything to have their dose of caffeine regularly during the day. Life happens and we all have to be on the move during the day and getting this favorite drink at cafes might be costly.

If you have a coffee lover in your life who spends most of their time outdoors or is always on the move, you have just landed yourself the perfect gift to give this particular person. This outdoor coffee set by Handpresso might turn out to the best companion for a coffee drinker when on the move.

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Detailed information about Handpresso Outdoor Set

This set gives everyone who loves coffee freedom to enjoy delicious, fresh and invigorating espresso anywhere and anytime the caffeine craving strikes thanks to its lightweight, portable size and the quick-fast brewing Handpresso pump.

Whether the recipient is a biker, a camper, a traveler, there is no reason as to why they should miss out on a deliciously brewed cup of coffee.

The Handpresso has a handy pressure pump gauge which displays the exact pressure required for brewing. To use it, you only needed to pump it to the desired pressure and then pour in hot water from the flask.

After that fill the espresso compartment with the favorite loose espresso grounds or preloaded coffee pod. In just a few minutes, a fine cup of brewed espresso will be ready, and we can safely say anywhere, anytime is coffee time.


Lightweight and portable

Brews fresh and delicious espresso anywhere, anytime

Comes in a carry case with an insulated flask and two cups

Easy to use

It has a 2-year warranty