Grimm’s Complete Fairy Tales – Hardcover

This book, Grimm’s Complete Fairy Tales by Jacob and Wilhelm and two others is the ultimate gift you can give to any book lover in your life. Anyone who receives this book will, without doubt, have a hard time putting it down. The tales are captivating, fascinating, interesting and the all the good things that make a great book. It’s an absolute treasure, and it would be a great library addition to a book lover.

Anyone who grew up reading all the classic fairy tales will have a good time reading this book. What can be better than to have all classic Grimm’s fairy tales combined into one book? This legendary book has fairy tales of the infamous Grimm’s. All the stories we grew up cherishing with wonder such as Snow White, Little Red Cap, Rumpelstiltskin, Rapunzel, Gretel, Hansel, Sleeping Beatty, Cinderella among others are included in this book.

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Detailed information about Grimm’s Complete Fairy Tales – Hardcover

The legendary edition is elegantly packaged with a leather cover to make it look enchanting with a vintage theme. The pages which are gold dipped give this book a classic look. But what stands out with this book full of Grimm’s classic fairytales is the beautiful illustrations from page to page which provides it with a captivating and beautiful presentation.

The versions of these stories which were originally collected in the 1800’s by the Grimm Brothers may not be the versions most people grew up reading as bedtime stories. The translation might be deeper and darker than expected and the ending might not always end as happily ever after, but they are definitely interesting and captivating to read.


The cover is made of genuine leather

The pages are gold dipped

Contains world’s classic fairytales

Its available in different formats including hardcover, Kindle, paperback, audio CD, audible audio book among others