Swiss Army Marbles Classic

Express yourself in style with this classic Limited Edition Swiss Army Knife by Victorinox! Every adventurer craves adventure, action and the right tools he could rely on for his survival. For the toughest creatures in the world, this tough Swiss Army Knife makes a handsome keepsake, something that could help them with their quest.

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Detailed information about Swiss Army Marbles Classic

This is a perfect survival tool and a fun accessory to carry around, plus it will also make a fine key holder. So if you have an outdoor enthusiast in your life who could always find a pocket knife handy in all situations both indoors and outdoors, this classic Swiss Army Knife from Victorinox won’t disappoint. It’s small enough so that you could easily slip it into your pocket your carry around in your backpack and you won’t even realize it’s there. Who knows when a mere finger-sized pocket knife could come in handy – let it be anything like pulling out splinters, cutting strings, or slicing your fruits when camping. And if you get confronted in the street, it could be a great self-defense tool.