Grill Master, His BBQ Personalized Cutting Board

People who love to cook in the kitchen or on the barbeque usually love to receive utensils and other kitchen items to enhance their cooking.

The favorite gift for just about everyone is a hardwood chopping board on which the chef can slice meats or vegetables ready to put on the grill, barbeque or in the oven.

The Grill Master personalized cutting board from Custom Gifts is the ideal gift for the chef in your family. 

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Detailed information about Grill Master, His BBQ Personalized Cutting Board

And because they sell boards made from four different types of wood, there is no reason why you shouldn’t have one for each different type of food so no cross contamination occurs. The four types of wood are Bamboo, Walnut, Cherry and White Oak.

Each cutting board measures 14” x 11” so there is plenty of room to chop up a sweet potato or a rack of ribs. Each board is made in the factory and is oiled to seal the surface.

This is a perfect, personalized gift for all fathers and mothers of the bride out there!


An engraved cutting board available in four different wood types

Large enough to easily cut up raw meat or vegetables

Personalize the engraving with the cook’s name or maybe the type of food to be cut