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Good Morning Handsome Spoon

Coffee is almost the universal startup for mornings, (or evenings for night shifters), or even just a break from whatever we are doing! For some, its tea, it has the same effect for all those tea lovers out there! But whatever it might be, these startups for our day can be made extra special with even the tiniest details.

Have you ever thought of making someone happy by just simply scooping out something? Or steering something? It definitely is possible! Silverwares, Flatware, or simply eating utensils have been an ideal gift since ages, there is even a term for someone who makes and sells these – these professionals are called “cutlers”, and commonly this term is used for utensils that are used for preparing or eating mostly noted in the Western culture.

Since we are on the topic of cutlery, let us tell you something about this spoon we found that is perfect for the men in your life, specifically your boyfriend or husband.

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Detailed information about Good Morning Handsome Spoon

This spoon is no ordinary spoon because engraved on it is a saying most men would love to hear - “Good Morning Handsome”. Not only that, at the bottom is a little heart that really seals the deal for us.

This 7-inch long spoon is made with high quality stainless steel and is dishwasher safe. We also love the fact that you can customize the saying with any quote or message you like, as long as it fits the seller’s criteria, which is a maximum of 10 characters per line, and a maximum of 4 lines all in all.

This witty and touching personalized Spoon that is great for mixing coffee, tea or anything else with comes in an elegant black box that is adorned with a gold pattern and logo. Not only is the packaging awesome looking and ready for gifting, but it is also durable and can stand the craziness of delivery.


The option of personalization is always a good thing

Beautiful packaging

Sturdy and high quality