XCFS 18K Gold Plated Cherry Vintage Earrings

It can never get confusing when trying to get a woman a lovely gift. There are so many options, and the best thing is that jewelry never loses the sense as far as gifts are concerned. Jewelry comes in different styles, and there is always something to match the recipient. On this note, some drop earrings would make a perfect gift for sisters, mom, coworkers, and friends. This particular set from XCFS is beautiful and would make the statement on any day. Get a pair for your loved one and let the earrings do the spice up.

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Detailed information about XCFS 18K Gold Plated Cherry Vintage Earrings

The earrings design is something to go for. They come in a cherry design, and just like real cherries, the detail is articulate. Each earring has two cherry charms paired with green leaf crystal attachments to give the illusion of real cherries. The earrings are hooked, and the design does not need any stoppers to secure them. What's more, they are the perfect size for any day and will spice up any outfit regardless of the occasion.

The pop of color is bright, and the red cherry charms make all the difference. The earrings are made of an alloy material and gold-plated for that extra glow. The finish is of high quality and is safe to wear. The hook is suitable for people that have a metal allergy and does not fade with time. Therefore, they are best as a gift for anyone in mind.