Spinningdaisy Gold Plated Fun Love and Hate Earrings

When choosing exciting items as gifts for friends and family, you ought to dig deeper into the pocket and of course into your search. This is in regards to the choice of items that the recipients find attractive and fun to keep. For this reason, there is need to select carefully and be sure they will love the gift.

One of such exciting pieces has to be this set of earrings. They are unique and speak loud with tiny words. They are the perfect gift for friends that love funny and exciting pieces while standing out from the usual. Pop a pair on your ears and get a few more pairs for your peers. They will surely do the trick.

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Detailed information about Spinningdaisy Gold Plated Fun Love and Hate Earrings

Let's dig into this; the earrings are fun to start with. One of the earrings says hate while the other states love. It is interesting why someone would wear earrings with one stating the exact opposite of the other. And, here is where the fun begins. At first, someone might think they both talk about love only to be surprised that the other is about hate.

Apart from the design, there is more to consider, especially the material and finishing. The earrings are gold plated and come with a high gloss finish for that extra glow. They resemble the shape of a fist with the thumb painted giving an illusion of nail polish. They are 0.5 inches tall and wide which is large enough to make a statement.