Believe London Distance Bracelets with Jewelry Bag & Meaning Card

One of the best ways to keep each other in mind and to remind the loved one of your love is to send them gifts occasionally (especially if you’re in a long distance relationship!). Something they can hold onto till the next time you are together. And we are here to help.

What would be a better gift than something as precious as this distance bracelet by Believe London? This beautiful bracelet is made of precious stones.

The Black Onyx, which is excellent stone, is believed to release negative emotions and stress in couples, while the White Howlite is a natural stone with a calming energy.

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Detailed information about Believe London Distance Bracelets with Jewelry Bag & Meaning Card

Being apart from someone you care deeply for can be stressful. This bracelet will be a gift send with love to let the other person know that they are loved regardless of the distance.

They will always feel connected to you each time they wear this lovely piece of jewelry and keep believing that soon the two of you will see each other again.

Above all, this is a high-quality bracelet made of 8mm calming and healing stones. It features a very strong elastic which connects each stone, and this means it can be worn every day without breaking.

In addition, this couple bracelet can be adjusted to a suitable length for a perfect fit. This way, you do not have to worry about the size.


A beautiful couple’s bracelet

Made of precious stones

It has a strong elastic band

Available in different color combination and sizes

Adjustable length

Comes packaged in a lovely drawstring velvet bag