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Glitter Liquid Photo Frame

This NIUBEE Glitter Liquid Frame is super cute, and it would make a startling difference to whatever kind of photo you put inside. It will beautifully showcase the photos displayed and undoubtedly become one of the best keepsakes to whoever receives this fantastic gift. A closer look at this stunning, magnificent sparkling photo frame will reveal the fine detailing and the high-quality materials used its construction.

The photo frame is made of crystal-clear acrylic which makes it look exquisite. It’s then filled with safe, non-toxic liquid inside which is also eco-friendly. The beautiful floaters inside are shaped in different shapes which include snow, heart, and stars. This makes the presentation look magnificent with unreal and pure beauty around it.

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Detailed information about Glitter Liquid Photo Frame

The frame gets magical when it is turned! The small floaters fall beautifully and swirl inside splendidly making the whole presentation look so admirably dynamic. When the frames statics for some time, it beautifully becomes clear and clean. This photo frame is unique, but superbly cute and anyone who receives it will instantly fall in love with its exquisite beauty and the beautiful sparkle.

All you need to do is open the back cover and put the desired photo of the receiver of this frame inside which is just a one-step action. You can then present the frame together with the photo inside to the person you gifting. Each frame comes safely packed with a secure soft EVA protector which ensures that the frame gets to its destination in good condition.


The frame is made of 100% safe material

It comes safely packaged in a fancy box

It’s easy to use

It offers an elegant display of a picture