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Unicorn Food: Magical Recipes for Sweets, Eats, and Treats

At times, it is essential to take some time out of the ordinary schedule and have fun in the kitchen. But, there are not so many recipes out there that one can engage in with kids. This, however, does not mean there aren’t any of those. If a friend loves to create savory and sweet treats for the family, then they should get their hands on this Unicorn food recipe book.

The recipe book is perfect for a family setting that is obsessed with unicorns, and that loves to bond more in the kitchen. The book can be a suitable housewarming gift as well as a gift for birthdays, Christmas, etc. With this book, everyone will want to stick to the kitchen and enjoy all the treats it has inside.

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Detailed information about Unicorn Food: Magical Recipes for Sweets, Eats, and Treats

The unicorn food recipe book is ideal for those that take delight in sprinkles, glitter and plenty of color in bites and snacks. It teaches how to create sweet treats at the comfort of your home using readily available ingredients. Think of rainbows and how precious they are in color; that is what the book promises while providing delightful treats for everyone.

The book can come in handy when preparing some snacks for friends, a family movie night or a simple cake decorating with loved ones. The book makes it fun to spend time in the kitchen while enjoying a splash of color, sprinkles and magical bites.

  • Simple recipes
  • Perfect gift for everyone
  • A variety of treats to make
  • Not all recipes have a pictorial presentation