Aza Boutique Girl’s Cute Button Down Tweed Cat

Sometimes it can be hard to get the kids to wear proper clothing to keep them protected and warm. The often do not want to wear clothes during cold weather because they feel bulky or stuffy. But every parent wants their kids to stay healthy while playing in the cold. If a parent is looking for a clothing item that will take care of this problem, they should look here. This is the perfect piece of clothing for such an occasion.

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Detailed information about Aza Boutique Girl’s Cute Button Down Tweed Cat

First, we have the adorable cape. This cape is made of tweed and 40% cotton. This will provide the child with warmth even if it is really cold outside. The bust measures 124cm across with a length of 59cm, and a shoulder width of 44cm. It is designed without sleeves to allow free movement. These capes come in 6 different colors, some of them feature ears and some of them feature prints. They will make any little girl feel happy.