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American Girl Julie’s Egg Chair Set

Some of the items that intrigue little girls would have to be a set of dolls. There are several with similar designs on the market, but not all excite them for long. If you are looking for a doll gift for a girl, then you ought to consider what interests them to find something they can play with for a long time.

One good example is this American Girl chair set, and as they say, Julie loves to relax. The chair set comes in an open egg design with a deep orange interior. It is super attractive for young girls, and the fact that it comes with a matching ottoman is a plus. The doll chair has flower decals on the outside which adds on to the theme.

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Detailed information about American Girl Julie’s Egg Chair Set

Additionally, the chair is functional and has a 3.55 mm audio cable where the little can play tunes by plugging on a device. Also, the egg chair has inbuilt speakers to ensure the child has an excellent experience playing with the dolls. The chair uses 2 AA batteries that are readily available to complete the set.

The chair's design makes it easy for children to carry it around while playing. The base ensures a free-standing design when the chair is placed on a surface so Julie the doll can relax on it. The chair suits dolls that are over 18 inches and completes the furniture pieces for a doll home set up.