Girls Choker Velvet Ribbon Collar Set

Choker necklaces are no longer a trend of the 90’s. They are back in style in full swing and are bigger and better than ever. If you have a fashion-forward female in your life, consider getting her one of these four styles of 6-packs of chokers to keep her fashion level up to date and trendy. Each set comes with six different chokers and they all have an adjustable neck. They utilize a lobster clasp closure to ensure it stays closed and does not fall off. These are about 0.35 inches wide, so big enough to make a statement, but not take over the whole outfit.

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Detailed information about Girls Choker Velvet Ribbon Collar Set

Gone are the plastic chokers of the past, these are made of velvet for maximum comfort and trendiness. There are four different styles to choose from. The first is pretty classic colors: red, blue, khaki, green, grey, and black. These are classy colors that go great with nearly any outfit. The second style is basically a pastel pack of the first colors. These are lighter, brighter, and great for a summer outfit or to bring a pop of color to your day. The third style has similar colors but with ribbons instead of just plain velvet. This brings an air of uniqueness to your outfit and is meant to stand out a bit more. The final set has bows for an even more pronounced look. These are definitely bolder than the other three sets in style, but more neutral in color.