Gas and Clutch Unisex Socks for Car Enthusiasts

These funny Gas and Clutch socks from Wrenches & Bones are the perfect gift for the new driver in the household, especially if they happen to be learning to drive on a manual transmission.

Only someone who has had the dubious pleasure of learning to drive a stick shift can understand the pain and frustration of having one too many pedals on the floorboard and only two feet.

The challenge is knowing what foot to put were and at what time. These hilarious socks poignantly and quite literally spell it out for the novice gearhead.

These unisex socks are a perfect gift for the teenage boy or girl in your life getting their driving lessons!

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Detailed information about Gas and Clutch Unisex Socks for Car Enthusiasts

The fun foot covers diagram which foot to use on two of the most important pedals on the floor of the car; clutch pedal on the left and gas pedal on the right.

In moments of confusion one just needs to glance down and use the correctly labeled foot on the desired pedal, sounds easy right?

Seriously though, these socks are high-quality footwear made from a 75/25 blend of cotton and spandex.

The sizing for these socks is unisex and they are available up to an American size 11.


Made from a spandex and cotton blend (25% and 75%)

Socks are made to fit both men and women (sized up to an 11 in American sizing)

Available in two colors, black and white, with contrasting band and writing