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VIY Personal Card Friendship Necklace

This elegant and meaningful piece of jewelry symbolizes the deep and unbreakable bond between best friends. It’s more than friendship and in truth, it is more of a sisterhood of sorts, and this gift celebrates this unique and formidable bond. The message that is represented by the interlocking infinity circles that comprise the pendant portion of this striking gift is clear, best friends are forever, just like family.

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They may not always be right there in person, but they are always there in spirit conveying their love and support unconditionally.

The bond between besties and sisters is very much the same, infinite in every way. So this message to “My Unbiological Sister” puts the relationship between lifelong pals in a sisterhood of its own. Anybody’s nearest and dearest partner in crime would be thrilled to receive a gift that says so very much and pays homage to the relationship between them.


Comes displayed on a beautiful card with a heartfelt and inspirational message

Made of quality materials in a silver-tone finish

Complete with a fine link 17-inch silver chain