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Fluf Organic Cotton Lunch Bag

When you think about your coworkers, you think about all the time you spend together in a day. In fact, you probably spend more time with them than your friends and family.

With all this time together, you get to share experiences that are hard to talk about with other people outside of work, you go through rough days together when your boss is feeling a little grumpy, and sometimes you also get to eat lunch with them.

Speaking of lunch, you start to notice that your coworker-slash-friend takes his homemade food sloppily wrapped in plastic and you feel a bit sad about this. Good thing, the office Christmas party is coming and you conveniently picked your coworker’s name from the random basket as their Secret Santa.

An idea pops in your mind – what if I get him a lunch bag? – and truthfully, we think it is a great idea. In fact, we think it is so great that we actually did all the work for you and found the Fluf Organic Cotton Lunch Bag.

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Detailed information about Fluf Organic Cotton Lunch Bag

It also has a food lining that is tested and is BPA-free, phthalate, and Lead-free, so you do not have to worry about getting sick from anything when you put your food in this 100% organic cotton lunch bag.

Since it is not obvious enough, the word ‘LUNCH’ is also printed on it with water-based pigments. The lunch tote is also preshrunk, which means the risk of it shrinking when you put it in the washing machine (yes, it is absolutely machine washable!) is basically zero.


Made of organic cotton and is food safe

Big enough for lunch containers and other things too