Evomosa Vintage Goggles Aviator Fully Reviewed

No matter how Hi-Tech sports equipment becomes there will always be a place for vintage style helmets and goggles. These Vintage Aviator Googles from Evomosa certainly fulfills the requirement for cool looking vintage goggles.

These goggles are completely windproof and will prevent any airborne dust particles or insects from colliding with the wearer’s eyes. The goggles are fully equipped with strong, soft padding around the eye socket and above the nose, while the lenses are completely impact-resistant, scratch resistant and ultraviolet light proof to protect the eye from the usual culprits when exposed to wind or if there is any glare from the sun or bright artificial lighting.

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Detailed information about Evomosa Vintage Goggles Aviator Fully Reviewed

These goggles are suitable for motorcycling and off-road mountain biking, horse riding, climbing, potholing, shooting and fishing, sailing, skateboarding, and snowboarding. In fact, they can be used for any activity where glare, dust, wind or insects might affect or irritate the eyes with dangerous consequences.



Soft and comfortably padded frames together with strong and tinted lenses

Not only are they incredibly useful for outdoor sports, but they also look cool too

Guaranteed to protect the eyes from wind, insects, dust and mud splashes


Unfortunately, these are not suitable to be worn with prescription spectacles