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Papercut Light Boxes, Night Light Lamp of Creative Light Paintings

Unicorns are cute, and you will not fail to come across a huge fan of such. The good thing is that this theme is used in a variety of items for style and personalization. If a loved one is obsessed with unicorns, then it would be a great idea to find an item in that theme and at the same time ensuring it is functional.

This papercut night light comes in the unicorn theme and will blow a loved one’s mind away. It is a beautiful piece in the dark and will come in handy every other night. The light can be an excellent gift for a birthday, baby shower, housewarming, Christmas, etc.

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Detailed information about Papercut Light Boxes, Night Light Lamp of Creative Light Paintings

One, the light that comes from this piece is soft and defined than the tipical night light. It is, therefore, suitable to use in kids rooms as well as nurseries for newborns. The best part is that the brightness can be adjusted to suit personal preferences. It also comes with a timer function and a remote control function for convenience.

The light uses a LED strip as the power source. It has a UL-listed adapter which ensures it does not overheat or catch fire. The light has multi-contour layers which create dreamy soft lights for an artistic look. The different light layers also create a calming effect which is much needed for the night. All these features make it suitable as a gift for kids, teens, and adults as long as they like unicorn themes.

  • Quality night light
  • Easy to operate
  • Beautiful unicorn design
  • None