Wine Enthusiast Electric Blue Push-Button Corkscrew

If you are not an expert, opening a bottle of wine can be something of a nuisance. Even though there is the promise of a delicious glass of vino at the end of it, removing a cork from a wine bottle can be a very difficult task to do properly.

The electric corkscrew from Wine Enthusiast is exactly what you or the wine enthusiast in your family really needs.

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Detailed information about Wine Enthusiast Electric Blue Push-Button Corkscrew

If you are thinking of buying a special gift for a member of your family or a special friend who also loves their wine then you probably need to look no further.

Place the cork remover onto the neck opening of the bottle and operate the controls to start the process. A blue light illuminates the proceedings so that everyone at the table can watch what is going on. The screw inserts itself into the cork and works its way inside as far as is needed before starting to steadily pull and withdraw the cork from the bottle.

This useful piece of electronic wine equipment runs on a rechargeable battery that is charged from its base. When not in its base, it will hold a full 8-hour charge. The corkscrew comes with the foil remover and full instructions so that the gift recipient knows exactly how to operate the gift. The manufacturer recommends not to use this device with synthetic corks.


Will always remove the cork without breaking it

The cool blue light shows what is happening

Fully rechargeable battery


Not recommended for synthetic corks