Drive Safe – Keychain

Every now and again, a loved one needs to travel away for a while. It could be for a business trip in another part of the US or indeed even in another country; the journey could be for a sporting fixture in another town or a tour of the state with the rest of the team. It could be going away to college or university or even starting a new job in a different city. Whatever the reason for going away, it can be a traumatic experience for those loved ones who are left at home.

If the traveler has to move around regularly, there is always the worry that they will come to harm and be more at risk than if they stayed at home. What is needed is a keepsake so that the traveler is always reminded of the love of those he or she has left behind and allows them to look forward to being reunited when they return. Some people use a St Christopher medallion (the Christian Patron Saint of Travelers) to carry the love and serve as protection, but wouldn’t it be great if you had something a bit more personal to give to your loved one before they embark on their journey?

The Drive Safe keychain from Fainol is the perfect thing to give to a loved one.

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Detailed information about Drive Safe – Keychain

It is a key chain consisting of a stainless steel key ring and a stainless steel tag engraved with the words ‘Ride Safe Sweetie, I Love You’. It acts as a constant reminder to your loved one when they go away and can be used as a keychain, as a charm to fix to a bag or as a carabiner.

This is a perfect travel accessory as it is lightweight, an ideal size for pockets as well as bags and keeps the keys safely together too.


Made from stainless steel so will not rust or tarnish

Ensures your love travels with your loved one

Ideal for use as a key chain or as a zipper pull on a bag