Wind Inca Serenade’ (Pair) Bamboo Zampona Panpipes

Music is arguably the most powerful art the world has ever known, as it plays a very important role in each and every person. It is a tool for expression, getting in touch with your inner self and soothing a troubled soul. It is no wonder that as far back as we can imagine, music has always been a tool for more than just enjoyment, but also for religion and signals.

This is why ancient, ethnic instruments are one of the most treasured and interesting tune makers we know of – it is a device that tribes use for their rituals and entertainment, thus keeping their ancient traditions alive. Have you ever been in an ethnic store where all you can hear are soft sounds that make you feel nostalgic or some feeling of sacredness?

Perhaps this is the feeling these ethnic instruments really evoke, and the same is true for this Inca Serenade Bamboo Zampona Panpipes.

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Detailed information about Wind Inca Serenade’ (Pair) Bamboo Zampona Panpipes

The goal of the manufacturer NOVICA (who is concomitant to the National Geographic Channel) is to they work together with different artists globally to be able to come up with different keepsakes that will preserve our world’s ethnicity.

This Bamboo Inca Panpipes are the perfect gift for your loved one who is a supporter of the arts and are in tune with their spiritual self. It is the ultimate present for a music lover and someone who appreciates different cultures, their music and the story behind every ancient instrument.


You are also supporting a charitable cause when you purchase a Zampona

Thoughtful, little gift for the music lover in your life who connects to music in a more spiritual tone