Decorative Rustic Door Stopper – Superman in Action!

This Doorstop by Superwind it’s not only decorative and functional, but it’s also humorous. It’s a perfect gift for a housewarming, birthday, gag gift, and so on. But most importantly, it’s heavy and will do a pretty good job by preventing the door from swinging shut.

The doorstop is made from recycled solid cast iron and carefully treated with a special coating which protects it from rust and wear. The coating also gives this item a rustic or vintage appearance making it visually appealing.

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Detailed information about Decorative Rustic Door Stopper – Superman in Action!

It has the best depiction of a strong man, pushing hard to stop the door from getting shut which is a reflection of what this high-quality heavy duty door stopper will do to the doors. The sculpture is hilarious and will definitely attract the attention of anyone who comes across it.

True to it's to what it represents, this doorstop is quite weighty and will hold the door open. It measures approximately 5.1" x 6.1" and weighs 1.3lb. It's designed to fit the height of the door from the bottom, and the ground at not less than 0.35". In case the height is more than 0.35'' it will not be able to get stuck to the door as it should. However, the seller offers other designs of different size.

It’s convenient and easy to use. Once put under the door, it should be plugged in tightly, with a slope and fit snuggly to the bottom part of the door to ensure that it is not shaking. It won't scratch the surface as the bottom of the doorstopper is well polished and painted.


Beautifully designed into an image of a strong man

Made of solid cast iron

It's weighty and durable

Convenient and easy to use

It's vintage and a suitable piece of decor