Deco Gear 35 Curved Ultrawide LED Gaming Monitor

One of the problems with gaming on the computer or gaming console is that often the display monitor doesn’t really do it justice. Many of the games played on these devices have such high definition visuals and such realistic soundtracks that if they were played on an ordinary and regular monitor, the gamer just would not fully appreciate the amazing graphics of his or her game. To play the modern games, whether they are World War two battles, aliens invading Earth or just a flight simulator, the gamer really needs a computer system built specifically for gaming, with all the RAM, processor speed and specialist video card that will make a modern game worth playing.

The number of colors and definition of a game played on one of these machines need to have a display monitor with all the bells and whistles available to really make it an immersive experience not to be forgotten.

The Dec Gear 35” gaming monitor from Deco Gear is probably one of the best gaming monitors that can be bought for a reasonable price.

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Detailed information about Deco Gear 35 Curved Ultrawide LED Gaming Monitor

The curved screen means there is less eye movement which means less eye fatigue allowing the gamer to stay focussed in the long drawn out Multiplayer games. The monitor comes with a stand allowing the screen to be tilted to that the viewing angle is just about perfect. That, and the wide viewing angles will ensure that everything on the screen is portrayed with utmost clarity.

On this monitor there are a couple of extras to provide that little edge needed to convince the buyer to purchase this screen; there are red LED lights situated at the back of the screen to provide a welcoming glow and warming atmosphere that will complement the existing décor.

There is also a cable hook that helps keep cables well out of the way so that the desktop is kept clean and tidy. The product measures 15” x 17” x 18” and weighs 18.2 pounds.


A high definition, widescreen and curved screen display monitor

Definitely useful for providing a completely immersive visual experience for the gamer

The curved screen has a fully adjustable angle to help prevent eye fatigue, which is such a handicap on long Multiplayer games